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Biomedical Microengineering Group

Applying micro and nanoengineering principles to understand and manipulate biology, creating new technologies for biomedical applications.


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James Nasmyth Building, 1.27

Selected Publications

Book Chapter

Liu Y, Wang W and Shu W. (2010). Nanomechanical Cantilever Sensors: Theory and Applications, Nanosensors: Theory and Applications in Industry, Healthcare, and Defense. CRC Press. Available at: Link.

Journal Publications

Wang W, Liu H, Liu D, Xu Y, Yang Y and Zhou DJ. (2007). Use of the Interparticle i-Motif for the Controlled Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles. Langmuir (Letter)23(24), pp.11956-11959. Available at: Link.

Wang W, Liu H, Wang Y, Yang Y and Liu D. (2008). Circular Dichroism Study on The Stability of Mismatched G-QUADRUPLEX. Acta Polymerica Sinica (1), pp.55-61. Available at: Link.

Wang W, Yang Y, Cheng EJ, Zhao MC, Meng HF, Liu D and Zhou DJ. (2009). A pH-driven, reconfigurable DNA nanotriangle. Chem. Commun. 7, pp.824-826. Available at: Link.

Mao YD, Liu D, Wang ST, Luo SN, Wang W, Yang YL, Ouyang Q and Jiang L. (2007). Alternating-electric-field-enhanced reversible switching of DNA nanocontainers with pH. Nucleic Acids Research35(5), e33. Available at: Link.

Liu H, Xu Y, Li FY, Yang Y, Wang W, Song Y and Liu D. (2007). Light-Driven Conformational Switch of i-Motif DNA. Angewandte Chemie International Edition46(14), pp.2515-2517. Available at: Link.

Xu Y, Ye J, Liu H, Cheng EJ, Yang Y, Wang W, Zhao MC, Zhou DJ, Liu D and Fang RX. (2008). DNA-templated CMV viral capsidproteins assemble into nanotubes. Chem. Commun.49. Available at: Link.

Liu Y, Schweizer LM, Wang W, Reuben RL, Schweizer M and Shu W. (2013). Label-free and real-time monitoring of yeast cell growth by the bending of polymer microcantilever biosensors. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical178, pp.621-626. Available at: Link.