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Biomedical Microengineering Group

Applying micro and nanoengineering principles to understand and manipulate biology, creating new technologies for biomedical applications.


2014-2019: PhD in Bioengineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
2014-2015: MSc with distinction in Regenerative Medicine: Clinical and Industrial Delivery, University of Edinburgh, UK
2009-2013: BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences with Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh, UK

Gregor is a PhD student in Dr Will Shu's research group. His project aim is to produce a 3-D bioprinted, functional liver. This would be invaluable for animal free drug testing and with potential applications in transplantation. Gregor studied Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, which he completed with Honours in Pharmacology. Here he gained experience and insight into many biomedical subjects including physiology, pathology, immunology and cell biology. Following this, he progressed to a Masters in Regenerative Medicine which covered stem cell biology, their application in regenerative therapies, tissue-engineering and bioprinting, and clinical and industrial translation of novel regenerative technologies and therapeutics. Gregor believes the PhD project with Dr Shu could have significant translatable applications to healthcare and drug research, and hopes to continue a career in research afterwards. Outside of University work, Gregor is a keen game enthusiast, enjoys going to the gym and eating out around Edinburgh.

2015 - Awarded Baillie Gifford PhD Studentship in Mechanical Engineering
2015 - Scottish Institute for Enterprise's Young Innovators' Challenge 2015 - Winner

Co-supervisor: Dr. David Hay (University of Edinburgh)

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